Shiatsu Satya

Shiatsu-behandelingen in Hoeilaart, Overijse, Brussel

Shiatsu for dancers

Dancers are often longing for something like shiatsu. It fits their physical needs. The way of practice, with the weight of the body, permits us to go deep, so the muscles can relax. Tensions in the body, caused by moving many hours, can be loosened and manipulated with shiatsu techniques. There are also several stretching exercises of the meridians as ‘Shizuto Masunaga’ has developed, that can be very useful for dancers to use as a warming up before a physical effort or as a cool down after a performance or rehearsal.

‘As a dancer I noticed that having a shiatsu massage extended the knowledge I had about my body. I became aware of the many internal connections the body has and how these internal connections are equally important to the external connections. How can I find a balance between the interior and exterior connections of my body?’  

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing during the massage of one hour.