Shiatsu Satya

Shiatsu-behandelingen in Tervuren, Overijse, Brussel

Shiatsu workshops

You can make a proposal to have shiatsu treatments on your event or retreat, and ask Satya to give these sessions on location. For example, the participants of the workshop could receive a shiatsu massage before or after.

A workshop for pregnant women and their partners, could be organized on demand. To one or more couples at the same time. So you can be prepared together for birth.

Satya gave shiatsu workshops to the dancers of the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

At the yurt in Overijse


I got the demand to give a course to prevent illness and stress by doing exercises and auto-massage. We will start with a Chi Gong warm-up, meridian stretches and the self massaging techniques of shiatsu. We will start with a small group in the yurt of Overijse. Do you want to join the group? please contact me

Upcoming courses at Tree of Life in Tervuren


The purpose of this class is to feel free and to move with your body through different waves. We will use inputs from the 5 rhythms, contemporary dance and improvisation. It’s all guided along the way. 
You don’t need to have experience, only in need of movement. 

These difficult times in our world can feel lighter for a moment when we dance and meet our inner selves through dancing. 

Every Saturday at 2pm-4pm, starting on the 13th of November.

Secure your spot by contacting me if you want to join.