Shiatsu Satya

Shiatsu-behandelingen in Tervuren, Overijse, Brussel

Shiatsu workshops

You can make a proposal to have shiatsu treatments on your event or retreat, and ask Satya to give these sessions on location. For example, the participants of the workshop could receive a shiatsu massage before or after.

A workshop for pregnant women and their partners, could be organized on demand. To one or more couples at the same time. So you can be prepared together for birth.

Satya gave shiatsu workshops to the dancers of the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Upcoming classes at Tree of Life

Every Sunday at 2pm-3pm, starting on the 8th of November.

Prenatal movement
We will do exercises to make pregnancy easier and to prepare ourselves for the delivery. We use yoga techniques as well as Eastern self-massage techniques, body awareness exercises to have a good posture and to avoid eventual discomfort. You don’t need to have experience or a background in movement for these classes. Please bring your own mat, cushion and blanket.We take care to have enough distance, so you can feel safe at your own mat. The dressing room is not in use, so please come with your clothes ready to jump in.

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Every Sunday at 3:30pm-4:30pm starting on the 8th of November

Post-natal movement class with baby
We will work on our body after pregnancy and birth, by doing several specific exercises.We will combine self-care with movements, exercises for the perineum and back/shoulders, finding strength again and by doing some self-massage coming from shiatsu (Japan).
Then we will do some exercises together with our babies. To connect and to work on their abilities to grow. We end the class by a shiatsu massage for our babies. It can help them with several complains like reflux, cramps, crying etc.Please bring your own math if possible, a blanket  and a towel for your baby.

The dressing room isn’t in use, so please come with your clothes ready to jump in. You don’t need to wear a mask once you are on your mat.

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Please inscribe by contacting me if you want to join.

15€ a class